'DRM is here to stay'



I just posted the article ‘DRM is here to stay’.

Earlier this month we started a discussion whether to pay or not to pay for music. Two insiders gave their opinions and told us that DRM is slowly dissapearing and DRM-free is becoming today’s…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/14639-DRM-is-here-to-stay.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/14639-DRM-is-here-to-stay.html)

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DRM has become a non-issue these days. People can just rip their CDs to MP3 or download for free from peer-to-peer sites. The music industry is slitting their own throats by annoying us like this. If I went to buy a new car at Ford and then they told me only I could drive it, and nobody else, what do you think would happen? That’s right, I wouldn’t buy that car. Same deal here.


Good! They will never get my money. :wink:


sooooooooooooo fuuuuuunnnnnnnyyyy i know a guy who aint paid for his music for the last 20 years well ever since he had the accident that left him deaf any ways :+


@DukeNukem; Nice analogy… I would compare DRM to buying a Lamborghini Murcielago with a speed limiter set to 55mph… Expensive and restrictive…


@ Hypnosis4U2NV Here’s a better one. You go to a strip joint to see women with big, naked breasts, but their nipples are covered with DRM pasties. Wow, now I’m really getting mad. :frowning:
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@DukeNukem; ROFLMAO! :B


@Hypnosis4U2NV LOL!!! As long there is DRM, there will be people, that make money, beating it. They will always beat it because nothing is 100% unbeatable. Plus, as long as someone can hear the music, they can copy it. So let them spend mucho millions trying to limit our use. It will be wasted money.