DRM-free games no worse off with piracy

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2D Boy has decided to estimate the piracy rate of its DRM-free PC game “world of goo” to try determining what impact DRM is having on game piracy. This game provides an optional…

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So if you play the game from 2 different locations you’re attributing to priacy? (according to their calculations) lol

Here is what I don’t get. If someone makes a PC game w/ Online support…just link a key with a copy of a game. So if someone goes to play online, no one else with that same key can play online. This is how the first Starcraft works.

Now, this will not solve people playing a pirated copy of the game offline…but it obviously reduces the features of the game because they will not be able to play online.

I don’t understand why companies don’t do this. Now some people will say, well what if a game (Bioshock) doesn’t have an online component…Well, to me, that means that the game shouldn’t cost full retail price. It should be cheaper. Think about it. Someone developes a game (GTA4) that has like 150hrs of gameplay and online features. Then someone develops a game that has no online play, and probably 12hrs of gameplay (Bioshock). Do you think both games should cost the same. Now, that’s just my 2 cents about quality of games.

In the end, though, concerning this article, I think DRM should be implemented like how Starcraft 1 Implements it. There is no drm installed on the disc or users PC. Just when they try to play online, it will not let them if they are using a pirated key. PROBLEM SOLVED!

DRM is just a waste of the developer’s money. It does not stop piracy at all. It may stop casual copying, and annoy paying customers, but piracy, the real kind that actually takes sales away, ignores DRM. The real pirates, those folks that make money off of selling pirated goods and therefore really do harm developers, (because they sell the pirated goods which means someone was willing to buy, even though it may have been a cheaper price) have the technical know-how and the monitary incentive to crack any DRM the develpoers come up with. DRM doesn’t stop them. So, since DRM doesn’t stop piracy, the real questions the developers need to ask themselves are, why would someone BUY a pirated product instead of the real thing, and what can they do to get those people to buy the real thing? In the meantime, save a bit of cash and dump the loser DRM makers since they don’t work anyway. That should up the bottom line a tad.

I think this is why I first got set against DRM, was games. I think this is because I ran into it back in the DOS days of gaming. You had to use a freakin code wheel or other “gadjet” any time you wanted to play the game or answer a lame riddle or some such crap, just to invoke the game program. It was and is annoying to have controls added to access purchases. I don’t even game any more. I had the most fun with games back when they were written in DOS and you had to figure out how in the heck to make them run and get the sound working etc. To me this was the challenge- getting the game to run! Shoot you had to write scripts and batch files all sorts of things- it was great. I really loved the program Magic Desk that made a DOS GUI using Icons to start different games. Oh and DOS memory managers like QEMM!!! Man those were cool.

Valve seems to be doing good with Steam. You gotta download the game online even if you purchase it or a part of it. Putting the DRM on the game CD or DVD is a joke nowadays. To crackers, that is easy to get at and break.

But even the valve games have been pirated. Steam didn’t stop it. It just made it annoying to legit customers when it failed to work because of server issues or whatever. A bit like how those idiots at Relic devised a “peer to peer” game that would puke if the Relic server died, even after the peer connection had been established and there should have been no need for the server anymore. So busy fouling themselves about imagined losses to piracy that they pissed off the people who actually paid them. As far as I’m concerned, make it worth buying, at a price people will pay, and the piracy issue takes care of itself. All the DRM tricks and traps are just a waste of time, energy, and customer good will.

$60 games. Need I say more?
DRM doesn’t do squat. I’ve downloaded and played every cool game for the last 7 years and I haven’t paid for one of them. All you need is the cracked executable file. Then there are keygens. Nowadays you need a genuine key to play online. Pfft. Not if you play on a cracked server.

So, let’s recap.

  1. Download the game (usually 5-8 GBs) and burn to DVD.
  2. Use the supplied serial or maybe use a keygen to install
  3. Use cracked EXE file
  4. Can’t play online? No problem, play on a cracked server.

What have we learned? That DRM is a waste of time and money and ends up hurting the game maker (who pays for the DRM) and the retail buyer of the game (who has to deal with the problems of DRM, like limited installs). DRM hurts the people who shelled out $60, not people like me. It’s a fact that you don’t own the game, you’re renting it.

Of course Valve games have been pirated. Did I say they weren’t. I am just saying that it must work for them because they have been using it for years now and haven’t ditched it.

I usually wait until the game hits $10 or $15. Paying $60 for the latest game is just stupid.

i too wait for the price to come down to about 10-20 dollars. I dont know why i just never cared to pirate games. software on the other hand is a diffrent story. I use mac and pc, snd the comment about verifying the keys online is a very effective way to limit piracy. A lot of mac software does this and its works. some mac programs are so good at this that even if you block internet to a program, it can use the os to get through. I have 2 programs that i will have to buy now becuase of this. But they are cheap and worth the money.

If it wasnt for software piracey we would not be in the computer world we are in now.

How can people afford to buy the computer and then buy the software they need? you need a program to do everything, and the money really adds up. Computer hardware makers know this, the gaming world, to build a good gaming system is way to expensive, after you buy the system how in the hell do they expect them to pay for games after they clear there bank account and then took a loan on there house?

The one thing that ticks me off the most is getting old games to run on newer systems, i have some games that i have never been able to play becuase of this, and you cant refund the game ofter you open it, and the requirements always say meet these requirements or HIGHER, well i have higher and the game still dont run! They need to make games work like emulators, you make a program that you can upgrade and simply load a rom file, so all you have to do is upgrade the program but making all old games unobsolete. The gaming world is a joke!

I for one am tired of piracy they think it stops piracy it causes it. I would pay for games and have them not work do to DRM messing up and all that. I was tired of paying 50 bucks for DRM crap to stop my purchase to run. Forcing me to download a pirated version and use my cd key to activate it. So now I do something to get rid of DRM. Here is what I do. I download a pirated version of a game then I buy it from direct2drive. I never download it from them I just pay for the cd key. Enter in my valid CD key and bang working game. Although latelly I am starting to skip the paying for it part because I am getting annoyed. I may buy a legit cd key to use a game online but I will pirate other stuff they make so they do not really make a profit on it. Why do I do this do you ask? Well I download it on pirate bay or something and sure I ahve to dal with BS to make it work but I am fine with that. Or I pay for it and have to deal with DRM which I may fail to get working and then I am stuck with a 50 dollar coaster or am considered a criminal for getting around the copy protection.

So hey you may as well be a pirate since after all you will be a criminal eaither way. Which really I think that if I pay 50 bucks for a game and there DRM is anooying or stops the game functioning that they have stolen money from me.

I find it ironic that DRM has turned me from a legit money paying buyer into a I don’t pay for anything pirate. When if there was no DRM I would still be a paying customer. It is very easy for developers of games to convert me back into a paying customer.

That is remove the DRM that is annoying me. Then they will see my buying games again.

People who STEAL software are losers period. Im so sick of hearing people complain and use the excuse of oh i cant get it to work or the drm is to much of a hassle, grow up and get a pair. I buy 2 to 5 games a month sometimes and never once. not one time in all the games i have ever gotten which is hundreds, have i ever had a problem with the drm or anything else to keep my games from being very enjoyable. Maybe you guys should learn how to work you computers, get a job and quit freeloading off others and maybe, just maybe company’s will continue to make a product that decent people like me will go out and buy.
And sure sometimes ill wait for the price to drop on the game or movie , or ill get a demo first to make sure i like it. But to get pirated, i mean STOLEN software or movies would make me feel like a loser scum bag thief.
Just my two cents worth. take it or leave it. But i have a personal mission now to get active in helping whoever is out there to stop all this. lol ill make a game of it.
and to the other post of making older games work, learn how to work your pc and you will get them to work. i have 10 year old games that im running on vista 64 bit. jeeeeze.