DRM EZ27 not displaying right size pic

Hi everybody,
I bought Panasonic DRM EZ27 recently. It’s connected to Panasonic GAOO 27 in analog tv trough S video cable. In recorder settings I selected 480i output. Analog pictures are displayed normal full screen. Some digital channels are displayed full screen and some small size(around 20 in). I read manual and there is no explanation for this. I sent email to Panasonic support but they never replied. I’m wondering if anybody on this forum has seen this before and if there if way to correct it.

You are probably seeing the “postage stamp” effect when watching HD tuned channels. No there is no cure for this. Best bet would be to tune to the SD equivalent channel. That should give you full screen viewing.
Note I would suspect you have your EZ set for 4x3 480i. If you do, anytime you record a 16x9 program you will only be recording 4x3. You will be missing the sides. If you ever get a 16x9 TV, all your recorded DVD’s will only be 4x3. I personally had my EZ setup for 16x9 480i even when it was hooked up to a 4x3 TV. That way I still got the full wide screen recording, so when I took my disc and played in another player hooked up to a 16x9 TV, I got the full screen recording.
Note the down side to this, when you watch live 16x9 TV through your EZ on your 4x3 TV, everybody will be tall and skinny. It will squeeze the whole 16x9 frame into your 4x3 TV. That can be quite irritating.
You just need to decide if you’re ever going to get a 16x9 TV, and how important it would be to have your discs recorded in WS vs. 4x3.
I know, either way is not ideal right now. I was in the same boat.

Thanks jjeff
Your post clarified a lot.Shame on Panasonic for not replaying to my email.Yes picture is like postage stamp,I wonder is it like that on your 16x9 tv? HD tv is inevitable but old gaoo works great for 12 years now. I’m afraid to buy anything new because quality went down on all products.Also,there is no rush here in Canada,HD tv is implemented very slowly.

No, when they broadcast a program in HD 4x3, I only see bars on the side of my screen, not top and bottom.
I understand your reluctance to replace your set. The only reason I did was because my 23 year old Sony 26" counsel died and couldn’t get the part. I bought a 32" Panasonic LCD and have been very happy with it. I only need to unplug, replug it every couple months when it does not turn on…your right, they don’t make em like they used to. Lots of complicated electronics in the new ones.
P.S. you’re not between Thunder Bay and Terrace Bay are you? Beautiful country, we vacation their every summer.

Thanks again,
we live in south Ontario.North Ontario is beautiful and empty.Oh,yes …we still have couple of feet of snow on the ground.
Speaking of unplugging and poor quality I had drm ez27 frozen few times. Does it happen to your unit?

An easier way to reset the machine is found with the small recessed button at the far right behind the fold-down door. Use a pencil or small screwdriver to press the button. I have used this reset button once on each of my two DMR-EZ17 models.

With 2 feet of snow on the ground it’s no wonder:bigsmile:
But seriously I had lots of problems with my EZ machines. I had 4 EZ-17’s and 1 EZ-27 die with U99 errors in a period of 6 months:a After the 5th unit the store finally felt sorry for me and returned my money. I was glad!
All my failures where to -RW discs and during scheduled recordings. I’ve owned many other ES series Panny’s all which have never gave me the problems I had with the EZ series. It’s a shame since when they worked(and didn’t miss scheduled events due to inherent bugs) they gave me great HD like PQ when recording off digital HD channels.
Currently I’m using a ES-25 hooked up to a standalone digital tuner and I’m actually getting slightly better PQ than using the EZ units, and NO bugs.
I wish you the best of luck with yours, I really don’t know why I had so many failures, and wouldn’t wish it on anybody.

“beautiful and empty” Yes, that’s what we love about it so much. It’s 400 miles by car from home in the cities, but a world away in other aspects.

Thanks a lot guys,
I remember reset button from manual now.I’ll try it next time.
Actually,if it hangs up I’ll go back to return it. Again ,shame on Panasonic. Lately has been terrible - my 32" Panasonic Tau died just after warranty expired and my DMR ES10 only 2years old ,also quit.
Yes, beauty and peace of the “empty” is addictive. I go canoeing “up north” and it is great experience.
Other than that ,I’m going out now with my kids to make a snowman. Hope it’s a last one of the season…