Driving me crazy--HELP

Hello. This is my first post and I would like to say hello to you all. Here goes. I have a GM changer in my car and when I tried to play CDR’s it would either error or play very softly with a great deal of distorsion. The dealer replaced the unit twice could not correct the problem. I found (by accident) the changer will only play Maxell CDRs and only if written at 8X. I know it sounds strange and makes no sense at all but believe me its true. Tried many different writers and CDRs at different speeds and still only Maxell at 8X works in this changer. It limits my use of this changer because I can only play my own CDRs. There has to be a reason for this and maybe a cure. Could anyone tell me how this can be? I could understand if one brand worked but the 8X only write speed has me stumped. Thanks in advance. Michael

This problem is very common actually, and discussed several times before, one way or another.

Car stereos have a weaker laser unit and because of that it is very well possible they will not play CD-Rs at all, or only certain quality brands.

Top quality brands burnt at a lower speed is in your case the only solution to your problem I am afraid, or buying a new set for your car that has less problems with CD-R…