Driving in Iraq, or how I learned to love whiplash-injuries

This is another one of those videos helping to win… whatever game played down there. Public relations at it’s finest people, over at Liveleak. Beware though, Liveleak is the worst website I know. I have never ever seen so many… well, daft people, in one place before. Hence the reason you have to click a link to get to the comments. A word of advice: don’t.

i’m not clickin and u can’t make me :eek:

nice driving hehe

Idd nice driving

Carmageddon live, but he did miss all pedestrians, bummer, no points for that guy :slight_smile:

The Humvee is barely tapping the vehicles in front of them, plus blaring the horn, so they will get out of the way. Hell, for all you know, they are going to help wounded people…I don’t see the big deal.

The “Whiplash-injuries” part of the thread title is a BS fantasy.

Love the comentary at the end. “… this guy’s just pickin’ his nose… not a f(ckin’ care in the world…” lolol Love it.


Is it a humvee, or an APC?

I can’t tell for sure one way or the other. I just know the site page calls it a humvee.

Video title: “Humvee Traffic Driving in Iraq”

What the topic? Merely a way to attract attention :wink:

I believe it’s a Humvee, the strange wipers are there and mostly I cant think of any other vehicle of that size. APC’s are larger and not as “nimble”. Hey thats a first, calling the Humvee nimble.