Drivespeed not reducing DVD speed on NEC 3520



Hi everyone, new here but looking for help…

I’m sure this must have been covered already but here goes…
I want to reduce the read speed of my DVD drive (NEC ND3520A firmware 1.04).
I’ve been trying Nero DriveSpeed and this works sort of OK for CDs (I seem to have to stop and restart it each time I insert a new disc). However, it doesn’t work for DVDs which run at full speed (noisy). The annoying thing is that DriveSpeed seems to recognise that a DVD has been inserted (the speed options change from 1 to 48x to just 1x and 5x).

The main reason is I’ve just treated myself to the 10th Anniversary DVD edition of the Myst trilogy and it’s driving me nuts that the drive spins up to full speed each time I try to move, then spins down after 30 seconds. I have used DriveSpeed with other CD based games (with this drive) and it seems to work fine.

Playing back DVD movies is fine so I don’t believe the drive is faulty.

Is it simply that the drive won’t support speed reduction?

I can’t find any other utilities which would do anything similar.

Running W98SE on AMD Sempron 2600 with 256 MB.

Help? Please? (even if it’s only that it can’t be done)


i suggest youll forget about it , instead use anydvd and copy the dvd to your hard drive using explorer 100% noise free playback


@Phil: I don’t use Nero but I have always wondered why when you choose the DVD option in Nero, and open DVD Speed it just recognizes CD speeds. How do you get it to recognize DVD speeds.


dont know :doh:




Thanks, copying to hard drive and running from there would be fine. I’ve downloaded anyDVD but it seems to be a utility for playing region and protected DVDs. I can’t find anything about copying to my hard drive. Could you throw any light on this?

Thanks for replying.



anydvd uses a driver to remove the protection on the fly , simply use “my computer” and get into the dvd and drag and drop it or copy & paste


Tried this & installed from hard drive but unfortunately the game is still asking for (and using!) the DVD drive. Not to worry, appreciate everyone’s time.



i suggest youll make an image from it with alcohol 120% then mount it on a virtual drive