Drivespeed vs Color Problem

Can some one please tell me what I am doing wrong?

Version Nero cd-dvd drivespeed version give me the correct color on the main grid on “scan disc” tab. When I do the scan it will give me green/yellow/black (green being good).

On version the main grid is mostly black (meaning it is reporting black as good). This is on “scan disc” tab.

Both programs are stock meaning I did not make any changes as far as color goes. I opened up both versions and check down the list of the options and they both appear to be set to all the same options.

I tried to upload a screen shot with hoversnap (jpeg), but my file size was about twice the size allowed (I wonder what you guys are using to post your screen shots also).

Note: When the scan is doen at the very bottom–the good does show up green–it is just the main part of the screen grid that is showing up black.

Thank you very much for any help on this. This site has so much information I am still having difficulty finding what I want :sad:

Change it in the prefs!

Please tell me how to change it in the prefs–I can not figure it out

Please help as I have tried.


Here is version 4.51.1 and it show up the correct color. I checked all the settings against both versions and I do not see one difference–but I must have missed one?? I have checked several times–checked and rechecked.

Thanks any one who can solve this one.

In the prefs you can adjust the colours.

Click on the gears up by the Start button. Or go to the File drop down left top.

Is it a Vista compatibility issue…?

Yea–I know how to get to the options–I compared each and every one of those settings in the different versions (side by side) and they appear to be the exact same. I thought just maybe I missed a setting some where but maybe not.

No–not running vista.

Running xp Pro sp2 all updates. If this is not a problem you pro guys have seen before I think it may point to the windows theme I am using–Royale Noir and it is an unofficial release. It is kind of dark grey and even though I have been using it for about a year–this will be the first problem I have seen? I did read it had a couple of bugs thus why no official release–so maybe this is one? Funny things work fine in though?

However–it still works and at the end reports are correct at the bottom so it does not effect the function–just an ugly color–and I can live with it.

Unless some one here has seen this before there is no use in going any further.

Thanks all

I deleted the and unpacked agin thinking I made a change some where but still the same.

You might try downloading it again and see if that helps is all i can think of.

Ah OK I thought the windows were typically Vista. I see you’re using a theme but that may well have an issue with the colour palette. Can you turn it off or temporarily uninstall the theme manager and see if CD-DVD Speed works then?