Drives won't be recognized while booting

Hi everyone,

I bought the ND1300A but WindowsXP won’t recognize it when I startup my system. When I go to the device manager in the control panel and look for new plug’n’play hardware, it finds the drive and I can use it in the windows explorer.

But its very very slow while loading files fomr dvd’s… I tried to install someting from a dvd and it took very long… 30mins for 12%… then I canceled. When I try to watch dvd’s it is like 1 frame per 3 sec :smiley:

When I bought the Drive, the dealer gave me the wrong CD with it… on the cd was a driver for another Drive… before I gave it back I copied it to my hdd and installed it. Then the Drive worked fine. Now I lost the driver and I don’t know how it name was… but I think it was B’s Gold Drive or something like that.

So I thought the Drive was damaged… I bought the ND 3540 A now and it’s still the same problem. When I put it 1300A into my 2nd PC, it works excelent.

My question:
What could I do now :smiley: Is there a driver to let my system use it correctly?
I have an LiteOn CD burner in my system too.


What operating system are you using. XP has the drivers for dvd drive-extra drives are not needed. On your second machine is dma enabled?? Have you defraged lately and is spyware slowing you down?

DMA is enabled and I use Windows XP Professional. I just installed windows XP last week and the problem appears everytime I reinstall windows XP. When I installed that “gold driver” it worked fine :frowning:

okay, problem is fixed… the dealer who built my pc connected the 1300A wrong… but I thought it was right so I connected the 3540A like the 1300A… now I fixed it and in rocks :smiley:

But still thank you for trying to help me :slight_smile:
Its a great forum here :bow:

Glad you solved your problem. :slight_smile:

As a sidenote for whom it may concern:

If the system hasn’t detected an IDE drive at bootup but you can still install it from the “search new hardware” in the device manager, the IDE drive will nevertheless NOT be setup in the relevant DMA mode, it will be stuck in multiwords DMA, which explains the slow speeds. :wink: