Drives vanished!



it all started when i started meddling with my ani-virus. I updated my kaspersky from 6 to 7… bam!! all kinda hell breaks loose on my pc. I switch to bit defender adn even worse… can’t even access internet. ANd i remove Bitdefender. THe uninstallation had error and couldn’t take place properly… maybe not completely. My computer went berserk this time… REgistry was reset… when i switch on the computer after the memory test when loading the IDE devices only the hard disk showed up and others had none next to them. But still the disk drives showed up in My Computer… but suddenly i find my USB ports disrupted. The PCI contoller had (!) next to it. I thought maybe i should reinstall the drives and BAM! I find my CD-RW and DVD-RAM missing. They are not even present in device manager. I don’t know what to do abt this??
Can anyone help me abt this??
thanx in advance


Welcome to CDF’s:

Sounds like you have more problems than just vanished drives…but have you tried to uninstall the IDE channel(s) your drives are on in the Device Manager yet? Try that and reboot and see if windoze will recognize them again.


I don’t exactly know on which IDE channel my disk drives are on but i did uninstall the secondary IDE channel and after the reboot it just automatically installed the secondary channel drives and nothin changed from prior situation.
BUt i did get my USB back on and iTunes has this new error for me -
The registry settings used by the iTunes drivers for importing and burning CDs and DVDs are missing. This can happen as a result of installing other CD burning software. Please reinstall iTunes.

I din’t install any such new burning software. But i hope it could help…

thanks for advice