Drives that can do blu ray quality scans

I am looking to buy a new blu ray drive that can do reliable PIE/PIF quality scans for blu rays. I have a Lite-On iHBS112 that I use with Opti Drive Control, but I fear it will not live for much longer and am looking for a replacement that can be bought new (iHBS112 seems to be no longer available). Drive can be internal or external.
Thank you!

The simple answer is an LG WH1xNS1x, where “x” represents some number. Truth be told, AFAIK the new LG drives are all the same under the hood except for firmware. So an LG drive flashed with the Vinpower firmware would be the answer.

OK, thanks. Unfortunately the WH line that does not seem to be available either here. I only found this: LG BH16NS55. Would that work as well?


The drive is the same. I’m pretty sure the BH is retail boxed and WH is OEM.

OK, great! How do I go about the firmware thing, is there a tutorial what firmware to use and how to do it?

The LG firmware that can do scanning is for a WH16NS58DUP drive, and it involves crossflashing from a BH16NS55. There is a bunch of information at MakeMKV Ultimate UHD Drives Guide that can help you understand the process and tools involved, like the SDFtool Flasher. Read over it a few times, making sure you know the steps and potential risks. Ask questions if something isn’t clear.

I have a WH16NS40 w/NS50 SVC code that I crossflashed to a WH16NS58DUP 1.V5 firmware and it supports scanning. However, I still have 1x iHBS212 (Gen1), 2x iHBS112 (Gen2), and 2x DH-8B2SH (OEM iHBS112 Gen2) in my collection.

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The simple answer is:

  1. Connect the drive to a non-AHCI intel SATA port on a computer with a 32-bit operating system. Some systems will let you switch between AHCI and IDE mode in the system. In this case, SATA should be set to IDE mode
  2. Download the special version of Dos Flasher for LG drives. It’s called “Dos Flasher” but it is a Windows program. I recommend using it on Windows XP x86… If you use it on something newer, then you need to go through the extra step of disabling driver signature enforcement for the PortIO driver… Whatever you do use, it must be a 32-bit operating system because there is no LG DosFlasher for x64
  3. Dump the firmware with Dos Flasher, then close Dos Flasher
  4. Download the target firmware you wish to use with the drive
  5. Run the special utility that transfers the EEPROM data from the firmware file you originally dumped into the target firmware file you wish to flash (Important!!!) The utility will ask you to specify a new filename.
  6. Open Dos Flasher and flash the drive with the new file you just created

You will need to look around for the necessary files…

The people over at MakeMKV has already developed the tools that don’t require DOSFlash. I’m able to use SDFtool in W10 Pro x64 to flash between models. But point 1 is important.

Does it transfer the EEPROM data?

Please don’t use the DOSFLASH method. It is the old method that is no longer in use. It is so easy to completely screw up your drive if you aren’t 100% sure of what you are doing.

Use the windows flashers, the preferred one these days is the SDFtool Flasher. It can be used on windows 10, no need to worry about SATA/IDE, which port the drive is on and all that garbage… Just a few clicks and you are done!

Go check out the MakeMKV forum and you will find everything you need.


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Great thanks! That seems doable. However, I have trouble locating the Vinpower firmware required for quality scans, any hints where I can find it?

Look through the first link I posted, you’ll find the link to download the firmware you need. It is a modified version, but doesn’t affect the scanning capabilities.

There is a download there for the MK Firmware Pack, inside I find this file:


Is this the correct one? I couldn’t find any info about scanning capacity or reference to “Vinpower”.

Post #5 shows the drive and firmware, along with an ODC image, that’s the Vinpower firmware you need to use.

Look around for the WH16NS58 1.v5 firmware… You will not find it at the aforementioned links.

Thank you, you have been very helpful. I think I found everything I need for now, after getting the drive I might ask again here if i run into difficulties.

It could be a name for different regions.

Here in Germany almost all models are named “BH”, bulk and retail. WH-drives are very rare here, I only see it in international shops.


The firmware you want is HL-DT-ST-BD-RE_WH16NS58-1.V5-NM00900-211802070957 which can be found in the MK firmware pack.


Quite possibly. WH seems to be more American and BH more Australasia/Europe.

That is located here if anyone else wants to know: