Drives stoped reading burned DVDs

Ok, basicly both my internal DVD drives (BenQ 1620 and NEC 3500) have stopped reading DVDs (I have tried DVD-R, and DVD+R, and DVD+RW, and pressed DVDs), they just show up as “DVD-R” icon, or for the RW “DVD-ROM”, but all are empty. They burn the DVDs just fine, and when I use a program like DVD Decrypter (or any other software to read DVD info) it show up fine - correct volume label, brand and everything, and can be ripped fine. If I play a DVD in my external Lite-On 812S (on USB2) it shows up fine in everything, including Windows Explorer. So I guess its just Windows Explorer not working, or a bad ASPI.

The problem occered after I installed dvdSanta, but I didnt think dvdSanta had a ASPI layer, if there is will just uninstalling dvdSanta fix this, and is there a way to install dvdSanta without the ASPI layer (I dont mind not being able to burn with dvdSanta, I use Nero to burn the output video).

Any ideas?

Ben :slight_smile:

Remove DVDsanta. If problem persists, then use system restore to revert to a previous configuration (without DVDsanta).

Do you have all of your other DVD related applications closed when attempting to read the discs?
For example: occasionally if I have DVD Identifier open and minimized, my drives will be unable to recognize / read discs in Windows Explorer or other apps…