Drives See DVD but not CDs



I’m using Nero with a Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-106D Firmware 1.08 and a Samsung TSSTcorp CD/DVDW TS-H552B Firmware TS07. The problem is that neither drive now sees CD material when put into it. Neither can see blank CDs (Writer says there is no blank CD in the drive), Audio CDs or Data CDs, but they have no problem seeing DVDs or writing to blank ones.

I’ve updated my system a bit and reinstalled WinXP with SP2, but even the old HDD with WinXP/SP1 has the same problem.

Any Clues, as I’m clueless?



may not help, but won’t do any harm…in device manager, delete both drives. Then click on the icon to check for new hardware (this will reinstall the drives).

I’ve done this in the past to fix little niggles


Our 2K systems at work do this from time to time - see dvd media but not cd’s - it’s a MS thing.


Did what DrTeeth recommended, but no fix.

Stepped through the trouble shooter, its amazing, because there are 4 radio button choices, one of them being “Can see CD material but not DVD”, yet there is no choice to cater for the other way around. It amazes me how often a logical case scenario is not allocated.

From what Icey is saying, if I move these drives over to my Linux box they should be okay? Or make my main box a Linux box (which is fine as long as I can get some of my Win apps to run under WINE.

Are there DVD drives that don’t have this problem under Win?

Thanks for the help



Check you don’t have something like Alcohol 120% installed that hides CDs from the operating system. I’ve heard of ppl having similar issues with SonicNow! uninstall leftovers as well.


Thanks, but it’s none of those, it’s a pretty fresh install.