Drives recognition



Before anyone ask why I have so many optical drives connected to my computer, I want to clarify that it’s only a hobby, not a production line.

I currently have 10 optical drives (9 DVD & 1 CD burners) connected in my system: 4 through mainboard IDE channels, 4 through first Silicon Image 680A-based PCI controller card, and 2 through a second of the same SiI card. However, with CD-DVD Speed 4.51.1 opened, only 8 are seen and selectable. In addition, with Infotool, 10 are seen, but only 8 are selectable, the same 8 identified in CD-DVD Speed. Yet, Burning Rom can see and select either of the 10 drives. Since I also have two external DVD burners (through 1394), CD-DVD Speed do not see them at all, yet it used to with just one controller card.

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Nero and the same symptom still occurs. Perhaps there is an IRQ or resource conflict with the two controller cards in there (I’ve also tried different PCI slot configurations), yet, the O/S (WXP Pro), and other software like DVD Identifier, KProbe, etc., can see all the drives. So the question is: why did CD-DVD Speed and/or Infotool suddenly stop seeing the extra two internal drives on the controller and two external drives?

Some system information: ASPI 4.60 is installed; no packet writing (InCD) is installed; motherboard chipset is nForce3 250Gb using default M$ IDE driver; aside from Imgburn, no other burning and region defeat applications are installed.

Thanks for any suggestion.