Drives really slow please help

Today i was trying to rip a dvd and my drives read all the dvds really slow, below i would get up to 11mbs on both drives and now it goes around 1.40mbs… this way it takes close to an hour to rip a regular dvd please help

reset DMA in fab there is a button for it

yea i read another thread by fengtao but thanks anyways

Did you try it? If It did not work uninstall your secondary IDE channel in the device manager (xp) and reboot.

Jethro is exactly right…your burner probably has slipped into PIO mode.
If the reaset in Fab fails or this slow down repeats…please click on the 2 links in my sig…there are guides, explanations and a VBS script file that likely, will work.
Questions, just post back.

yes thats what i did and it rebooted and is working great thanks for your fast support

Lets make this easy EDIT I see you have it sorted. Maineman beat me to it LOL.

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