Drives gone AWOL!

Need some help folks.

I just moved my SCSI card a couple of PCI slots to allow better room for my video card cooling. Now XP takes forever to load (about 2 minutes at the splash screen). Once it loads, I no longer can see my 2 SCSI optical drives. I tried removing the SCSI card driver from device manager and also tried ‘reset configuration data’ in the BIOS. Still have the same problem.

Any ideas?


the process should be:
uninstall scsi card from device manager.
shutdown PC.
move scsi card to another PCI slot.
start PC, go INTO BIOS and make any adjustments.
you should NOT have to reset configuration data {in fact, that option should normally be disabled}
if you mean you set BIOS defaults, then you now need to reconfigure BIOS options to the way you had them set before [when all worked ok]
restart PC now that BIOS is configured correctly.
Windows will ask for drivers, point the Wizard to the drivers [you have a CD or Floppy with the drivers on, no ?]
drivers will install.
might need to restart PC again. done.
if all fails. move scsi card back to original position, or try another PCI slot

By moving the card from one PCI slot to another, you may have forced the card to share an IRQ with another device in your PC, which is generally safe but may cause problems with some hardware configs.

If you still have the manual of your motherboard, check the PCI table so you can choose a slot that won’t share an IRQ with another PCI device installed in your system, see if this helps.

Also if you SCSI card has a jumper for setting the “SCSI termination” (I’m not sure to use the right english word here… :confused: ), it’s possible that you accidentally took the jumper off when handling the card…?

This morning at bootup, XP finally got itself sorted and my drives are back.

Thanks for the suggestions.

The Adaptec 2940 is PnP so no IRQ jumper. I had the termination (set in the SCSI boards BIOS) set to ‘auto’. I didn’t set my system BIOS to default. I just tried the old ‘reset configuration data’ to try and force XP to take a closer look at my hardware layout. Not sure if XP even looks at this flag though.

Thanks again. :slight_smile: