Drives from Plextor score highest success rates

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VSO-Software recently released a tool that submits
information about the burns made with VSO applications. The information is
anonymously sent to the VSO website and the use of it is optional…

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These results are very close and may just be related to randomness and demographics. People who go out of their way to buy a plextor drive are more likely to use high quality media and not leave disks sitting around to get scratched etc.

Judging by the CDFreaks forum, so many people have problems with a certain Plextor dvdr drive and plextor’s ‘current’ quality control, I was amazed Plextor still lead the charts.

Seeing the numbers there is hardly any difference at all in the top5. Besides that, this is not very reliable. For one thing, people who buy overprised plextor are more likely to buy pricy media. People who buy cheap drives are more likely to buy cheap media. To the best of my knowledge, media is far more important than anything when you have an average dvd burner. So i would advise to invest in media, not in the drive.

Plextor has always produced a high quality drive! Its like buying a KIA and expecting it to perform like a lexus, I dont agree with putting your money into media and not the drive. One should always invest in “Quality” over savings when it comes to Hardware. Time is the only qualitative evidence I will follow. :B

Read the forums cranky, initially after release 716 drive was producing one of worst quality burns possible, it took three hardware revisions and 5 firmwares to fix the problem. Point is, a certain lexux model may proove to be more unrelaible than KIA, so before going spending all out, you should read reviews. As for the where to invest money drive or media I have always found that quality media is more important than drive. In all the drives I had only BTC produced substandard quality burns with TY media, on the other hand all of the drives created bad burns with cheap CMC/Prodisk media. So as long as you buy at least half-decent drive and good media like TY/RICOH/MCC you will always have good burns (I mean heck, even LiteOn DVDR can handle TY just fine), on the other hand if you buy cheap media, no matter what drive you buy you will always have bad burns.

Big BS and Plextor is for a very long time the loser of burning industry.First step was 708A and so on.I wonder who pays for this BS about speed and quality?

cranky, im not saying its best to buy the cheapest drive. Its only that a plextor is not in anyway better when using good media then a standard drive. Its not always the best to buy the most expensive stuff. BTW since my 2 plextor cd-rw drives broke im never touching that brand again. Now im with sony and pioneer and i love them both :slight_smile:

@ jandevries145 sony are lite on … good for coasters :B

The differences in the 5 drive brands are not statistically significant, in other words it means nothing. That said, “not a coaster” is hardly a measurement of anything. Totally useless information, and I’m a little disappointed that CDFreaks has posted this at all.

The information is only useless when you don’t have all the information, it’s a shame this was all they listed, it is broken down even farther than this but only the snippet that would get the most reaction was posted. Of course it say Plextors, not what model, there were a few models that most of you drooled over, and then the 712 and 716 put a bad taste, this is an overall view not directed at a single model, so please read more carefully and realize this is by brand first. I’ve had more trouble from the Lite0-On and NEC than I have the Plextor’s.

The most used media brand was MCC, second is Ritek, third is TAIYO. MCC and TAIYO are quite expensive, as Plextor is, too. So dont wonder at those results :slight_smile: The most reliable dvd writer is PLEXTOR DVDR PX-716A (96.4%), in consideration of having some more uses (>2000) than others (e.g GWA-4080N -> ~400 / 96.8%).

I have to agree that the statistics are so close that I would hardly call it a win for Plextor. I know people are very passionate about the brand of burner they use, but I can’t understand the childish going ons of all the people who attack Plextor drives and the people who use them. I have used Plextor’s and cheaper drives such as Benq, Liteon and NEC’s and all have good and bad days. If people choose to pay extra for their drives they are quite entitled to. On the other side of the coin, if other people choose to buy cheaper drives they are entitled to their choice as well. But for christ’s sakes stop bitching about other people’s choices and just be happy with what you have and stop being so childish about it. And happy burning, no matter what your choice of drive.

This news, and many of the reactions to it, now officially prove two of my theories beyond all doubt: That there is little or no statistical difference in the amount of success or failure among the major, top-tier manufacturers of optical drives, and that the capacity of some here to demonize any given brand name for wholly subjective reasons knows know bounds.

Er … that should be “knows no bounds.”

i agree with both jyoung2 and kev99sl completely.