Hi, I updated my display drivers and noticed that i could up date my nforce4 drivers , I have no problem with them so should i, because there is a up date or if its not broke dont fix it.

I would :cool:

Chipset driver updates usually help with performance/compatibility issues, but may also help with more important issues with the chipsets functionality.

Update update update. You ALWAYS want to have the latest and greatest updates for your chipsets.

Have fun.

New drivers aren’t necessary better. I experienced several issues in the past regarding this matter.
For example for Nforce4 it is well known that the ide nvidia drivers have problems with the presence of sata ncq units and using microsoft 2002 ide driver is better than nvidia 2006 driver.
So my advise to u : “If it ain’t broken don’t fix it”

Chipset drivers doesnt need to be updated frequently unless there are some fixes like corruption or so. In other words, read the release notes.