my burning software does nor recognize the burner.It is a 52x32x52LG burnwer.and the cjeeteh burner or i have other softeare too nothing recognizes the burner…I assume that there is a driver problem…

What burning software are you using?

Everything worked before and nero was installed.I since have put in cheetah software and it will not recofnize the burner-a 52 x32x52 LG burner.

What OS are you using?

Uninstall Cheetah, then.
Is your drive still recognised by Windows (or whatever OS you have installed)?

I know this might sound silly but you have done a power cycle (turn off and re-boot) of the computer, I often find that the burners cant be seen until a hard reset/re-boot is done.

But if that is the case then as the other poster said it looks like the cheetah software is causing some clash problem.

Have you checked the device manager (windows key and pause|break to shortcut and then hardware/device manager tabs) for yellow ? question marks ?