Drivers for Plextor CDrom 40x wanted



Who can help me get some drivers for my Plextor SCSI CDrom 40x so it will work under windows?



Tried the official support page from plextor yet?


Not much help there, or I couldn’t find it!
But thanks for thinking with me.



You need only the drivers of your scsi card… or you have to change the jumpers of your Plextor (see Termination and SCSI ID)…

if you have only the cd-rom set the termination on in your plextor
if you have more than one device then set the termination on only in the last one (at the end of the cable)

Try changing the scsi-id, maybe there are two device with the same id…

Good Luck!


Cajo is right, if your SCSI card is working windows should autodetect de CD-ROM drive. I have an ultraplex 40x and it’s working fine, and I didn’t have to use any drivers, just the ones for my SCSI card.

Good luck,


I got the same one (I even got 2 of them installed in different computers) and don’t need any drivers. Just for configuration, use PlexTools (like spin down time and stuff). For all other things: SCSI card!!!



You didn’t have to need any drivers for your Plextor cdrom drive…
The only thing you have to do is to install your scsi card right…




Thanx for the replies, but my first message was wrong. I was talking about drivers for DOS. Because my SCSI card has no BIOS of its own (thats what happens when you buy a cheap one).
But I found them so everything is OK now!!