Drivers for NEC 3500

Hey all. After much reading here, I took the plunge and ordered a 3500 from today. However much to my disappointment, despite not saying so on the product page, it has come in OEM format. I have emailed them saying that I am not happy with this, but for now where can I find all the drivers etc. I need online? I had a look on with no luck for the 3500.

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You dont need drivers. Just install the drive in your PC and it will automaticaly recognise it as a NEC 3500 drive. You just need Burning software like Nero

You don’t need any drivers for it. XP will recognize the burner, so no worries about that.
As for the recording software, you might need the latest versions for them to recognize the writer correctly (Nero for example).

I don’t understand what you mean with OEM format? Assuming that you mean without cables, drivers discs etc. (btw. I would call that bulk) that is of no concern.

As long as you have the necessary cables etc. in you computer already, you will need nothing but a burning program, like Nero from

Thanks for the replies guys, that’s good to know. To BenCarl, yep OEM is the same as Bulk, literally just the drive and nothing else.


Just FYI:

The NEC optical drives are ONLY sold as OEM or bulk. They are typically sold to manufacturers. However, they are sold to public as OEM.

This means no books, no cables, etc.

But as others have stated, there is nothing that you need aside from some burning software. Roxio and Nero both work with this drive as do many other burner applications.

Good luck.


My old cd writer went broke(there wasnt a D: drive anymore in ‘my computer’). I bought the nec 3500. I connected it and there is still no D: drive !! so i can’t play cd’s to install drivers or something and there are no drivers to find on google. (believe me i searched 2 hours)

Can pleaaase somebody help me :a

First off Willem, as stated above, there ARE NO drivers for a optical drive!! And from the explanation you posted above, it doesn’t sound like your CD writer “broke” it sounds like either your ide cable finally bit the dust or your actual ide port on your motherboard died! On bootup, go into your bios to see if your motherboard detects ALL your drives (Harddisk, and Optical discs). If they do detect it, then maybe windows has a problem. This is typically something to do w/upper/lower filters in the registry. Go to microsoft support and search for cd rom missing…Good luck

:: someone has been faster than me! :bigsmile:

Yo willempccc-

#1 - did you use a 80 pin cable for your 3500?

#2 - did you correctly set the jumper on the back as to the actual position of your 3500 - if it is the only drive on the cable=set jumper to “master” and plug the FIRST connector into the back - and if it is the second set the jumper to “slave” and plug into the connector next down on the cable - suggest that you DO NOT set the jumper to “cable select”

Happy Burnin’


bigmike7, He shouldn’t need an 80 pin driver for a optical drive right? CD roms/burners maxed out @ DMA 2, and I was under the impression cdroms won’t transfer any faster than 33MBS, so 40 pin should be ok…Just checking

Yo bdgriff-

My understanding is that use of the 80 pin clears up many detection problems associated with undetected burners-may also give slight edge to thruput (?)-


This web page has some good reading on the 80 WIRE/40 pin cabling and what it does.

Yo dsdarli-

Thank you (I ment to say 80 conductor not 80 pin)


Hi! Do you know where I can download a good burning software for NEC 3500?



you’re living in Germany? The ComputerBILD (I know, it’s a shame to buy this magazine, but this time I did it…) has in their newest edition the new nero version 6.6 on a cd, which is availible for download at from 18th of October! I dont know, how much they paid nero to put it on the cd but it’s very cool!

Does this Nero 6.6 version have official support for the 3500? I’m using the newest web version ( and the 3500 still isn’t in the list of supported drives. Yes, it works, but I still have some issues…

I should be able to get ComputerBild here in the Netherlands, so I’ll have a look… Thanks for the suggestion.

BTW, is it a full version or the usual trial?

  1. yes, it has! :wink: But there’s no news for this update on by now there’s already a new update for nero recode and the nero video tools. download it here: (ps: this is an update for the latest 6.6 version!)

  2. of course it’s a trial version, but if you already have nero 6.3.***, then it’s just an update for free! maybe it’s only German version!

If you understand the German language, maybe this will help you:

Thanx! The WinFuture article is indeed helpful. And I already found a way to obtain Nero 6.6… Should be no problem upgrading from my registerd 6.3