Drivers for Matashita CW-8121

Im trying to get hold of the drivers for the above CD-RW but cant find them on Panasonics web site.

Any ideas where i can get them ?

Thank you.


Hi 1ALQ71, welcome to our forums.

There’s a very simple reason why you won’t find any drivers on the website of Panasonic: this is an ATAPI (IDE) combo drive, and those don’t need any kind of drivers. Drivers just don’t exist for them, as the OS (most probably that’s some version of Windows) installs all the neccesary software. Pretty easy huh? :slight_smile:

Thank you for the quick reply.My cd is refusing to play most cds,they play fine on a old win98 on xp with a laptop.Most data cds will play.

i guessed (wrongly) that drivers may have been a cause of the problem.

ive also had problems with this cd-rw & xp in the past with writing cds,but thats another story.

ive attached the drivers.could you confirm they look as expected ?


This looks just like it should look!

What kind of discs does the drive not take?

My laptop is fitted with the same drive and it’s a pretty bad drive to be hounest. Lots of disc don’t play (or play at a really slow speed), getting CDRWs to work is quite hard and writing CDRs only seems to work on expensive discs…

It could be that your lens is filthy, did you already check that?

normally when there is a problem with a cd rw drive it usually is firmware upgrade eight out of ten times …if you can give exact model and stuff it can be found …

also when burning what program are you burning with ? have you tried newer version

example nero or roxio ? still have same problems ?

just some spots to go to first to determine problem …but if it runs in 98 fine then you move to your machine xp and have problems you have to start looking at things like this … also sometimes ide drivers …getting the updated drivers help [ motherboard drivers ]

but that is order i would go in to solve the prob

I have this combo drive too, and i have the same problems in reading some cd rom (it seems to not like ThinkExtra cds!), but many times, ejecting and re-inserting the cd, it works well.
How can i solve this problem? Could a hardware substitution solve it? (it’s still in warranty)
Or I have to put the hands on the firmware?