Drivers for (Lite-On iHAS324)

worked! It was the IDE drivers.

Glad to hear it has worked out. Those non-native M$ IDE drivers can wreak havoc on optical drives when SATA ports are used in non-RAID modes.

I also cannot find drivers for Lite-On iHAS324 for windows 7
please help


Drivers for optical drives are contained within the operating system itself and aren’t normally updated. You might need to update the motherboard chipset drivers, which usually have the SATA controller drivers included.

What problem, exactly, are you having?

If you tell us more about your system it might help. Is your computer one you’ve made, or is it from a major manufacturer? If from a major company, tell us the make and model. If you made it, or had it made from parts, tell us the exact make and model motherboard that you have.