DRIVERS FOR DUW1616 needed

Does anyone know where i can get drivers for the duw1616 please help

What model name is that brand? And who makes it? Also you can do a search on the internet and search for that brand.

it is a centrios duw1616 ±r, i cannot find anything on the web for it the only thing that comes up is the aopen

Just how may threads do you need to start here.

What you’re doing is cross posting which is against the forum rules and causes great confusion.

Hopefully a moderator will close all but one of these threads.

cry me a river


Behave. :wink:

Drivers come with the OS, you wont need them.

@cobbs666: Please keep all your enquiries about this drive in the same thread and do not create any new ones :cop: - you can see how frustrating it is for members trying to help you when pieces of information are in different places.

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