Drivers Disabled in XP? (Roxio or CD Creator) Help

Below i have pasted in the information i have recieve from Windows XP Pro.

Its so frustrating as everytime i boot up i’m informed that XP has disabled some drivers from loading to do with Burning CD’s.

Yeh i did install the software listed below but i uninstalled them.
And the problem still exists?

Ive ran Norton Utilies and the same prompt continues to show up at the start of windows, after loging in?

Ive search the registry under “Roxio” but nothing.

Ive been into Media Player options and unticked Protect content also.

Its bugging the hell out of me now.
Is there anyway to get rid of this issue.

Thanks in advance Mark.
Please read below for the information windows xp supplies as the information about the disabled drivers.

CD Recording Software
Roxio, Inc.

Issue Description:

A CD-recording driver is installed that might cause stability problems,
including problems shutting down and problems using a CD/DVD drive. This
driver will be disabled.
This driver might have been installed by Easy CD Creator, Windows Media
Player or RealJukebox. You might not be able to record CDs until you obtain
compatible drivers.

Roxio, Inc. provides an update for Easy CD Creator users at the Easy CD
Creator Updates Web site.

For Windows Media Player users, see the Microsoft Web site at

For RealJukebox users, see the RealNetworks Web site at

Contact Information:

Roxio Support Web site (English): Roxio Support Web site (Japan):
Telephone: (408) 945-8600 (North America only):frowning:

You probably installed Easy CD Creator 4 into WinXP, which is incompatible.

The fix is listed on the Microsoft site at “CD Recording Software Will Cause Windows to Become Unstable” Error Message When You Start Windows

Thank you it worked a treat.

Regards Mark…