DriverMagician Free Giveaway

DriverMagician is the free Giveaway of the Day. If you have a PC with the OS and drivers in a recovery partition this could be very important for you. If you need to install or reinstall the OS things might not work as the drivers are missing and hard to find.

edit: get a box and put all the discs you will need to recover in it: Recover disc set (if you have one) all the needed drivers, OS and SP pack discs, Printer driver, Video card driver… All you most important programs and SN#, your bookmarks, even a copy of Belarc Advisor printout. Even if you use Ghost or GoBack as you know sh!t happens.
Copy personal files to CD,DVD or flash drives. Make a folder (called HOLDER) on your desktop and always save downloads to this rather than open and install, backup this file.
Never count on backingup to a partition on one HDD, if that drive goes bad all is lost.
Date everything! Mark backup dates on a calender, Create a recovery point prior to install of new software. After you install new software test to see all your favorite programs still work!
Use Antispyware scan, defrag and Virusscan at night, when PC time is free.
Don’t install lots of programs at one time (test first).
[U]Many people make the error of trying to get all back the way it was instantly after a crash; fail and must start over.

Isn’t there a backup available on the intarweb :bigsmile:

Belarc Advisor will print out a list of your programs and some SN#

I know. But some people just spread their logs all over the web :bigsmile: I thought, there was a news about this here on CDF, but I can’t find it anymore. :frowning:


i have problem which it seems your gift may overcome. I really hope you can help me?

Update drivers: System id?
Listed under the device managers listing are the items shown as:
· Display adapter, SIS 650 Under Properties I am able to see that the existing driver is version dated 30-4-2003.
· IDE ATA/ATAPI CONTROLLER. This is shown to be a SIS PCI IDE Controller Under Properties I am able to see that the existing driver is version 5.1.2600.1106 dated 1-7-2001

I have tried to get updates from SIS and after downloading and unzipping massive 34mb files which will not auto install and which I cant get my computer to use I have in frustration found this site hoping some one out there can help me.

My experience so far is that I have become aware that there are versions for 32 bit and 64 bit op systems. I need help in the following areas:
· I have no idea how I am supposed to find out which is in use by my computer. (32 or 64bit)
· How to get the existing drivers updated.
· Some systems which will auto install the updated drivers once I have them.
· I have been to Microsoft who upon scanning my system wanted me to take mountains of their junk (which I did in the belief it would then proceed to look at the update of drivers. It did not help me one iota!!!) It seems they do not recognise outdated drivers supplied by them in the first instance as of any importance whereas some programs will not work because they say they require up to date drivers. Caught in m-soft catch 22. Seems to be akin to doctors. If they cured people they would lose patients so they have a vested interest in making sure their treatment never loses your addiction to them?

I suspect this is relatively simple but I am not yet versed in the how to navigation of I-net surfing to get past the mob that run you round in circles forever while you try and find simple answers to simple questions that don’t get you caught up by 3,780,000 entries etc.
Can anyone help me?