Been burning cds fine but now when i try it keeps saying no cd drive detected.Can any one help?

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  1. What burning software are you using?
  2. Did this problem conincide with a switch of disc brand, or have you been using the same brand of disc?
  3. What burner do you have?
  4. When you look in Device Manager, do you see any yellow exclamation marks next to anything? And if so, what is the error code number when you go into the item’s properties?

Hi thanks for replying so quickly no havent changed cd brand.Not very good at this side of things with comps.What do I look in initially ?

code error 19 with a little yellow symbol.

Hi,[QUOTE=martins63;2481160]code error 19 with a little yellow symbol.[/QUOTE]Follow the instructions given here, please:


Can anyone help please before my laptop goes out the window?
Have been told what to do to remedy the c d driver not being recognised,
followed all the instructions but still not getting anywhere and dont know
why.Probally just me.

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If you can tell us exactly what you’ve done (what steps you’ve followed), we can go from there. :wink: