Driver won't recognize, Can't Burn!

I have a Dell computer with a HL-DT-ST CDRW/DVD GCC4482 drive. Today I downloaded some music from I-tunes and decided I would burn it onto a maxell CD-R. While in I-tunes I went to file, burn playlist to disc, and was prompted to insert a blank disc. I inserted my maxell CD-R and although I could hear the drive running and I-tunes had a message that said, “checking media…” after about 30 seconds the whole process came to a halt. There was no error message, but it seemed that the disc wasn’t recognized. So I decided to try my computers wizard to burn the music to CD-R. Once again I was prompted to insert a blank disc and when I did something seemed to be happening but after about 30 seconds everything just ceased. As if the disc wasn’t being recognized. I thought that a firmware update may be the next logical step since I only had the E107. So I headed over to the firmware page: and downloaded the firmware update to E114 located at this link. I installed it and couldn’t wait to finally be able to burn the music I had got off I-tunes, yet once again I encountered the same problems as before. With I-tunes and the computers wizard the disc seemed to not be recognized by the driver. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to try next? Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thank you!

itunes is crappy and is well known for such problems.

I really don’t think its an i tunes problem though. I think it may be a problem with the drive. This is because I have the problem when trying to burn with my computers wizard as well. Are there any other programs that may help me burn better then the default wizard or itunes?

Try with BURRRN and cdburnerxp.