Driver won't read/burn/play/recognize DVDs!

Can anyone help me?

For the past few weeks, my DVD drive is unable to do play DVDs.
When I put the DVD inside, nothing happens.
I take a screenshot of the driver properties:

does the Sonic Solutions “not digitally signed” have anything to do with this?
any suggestions? :slight_smile:

DVDs - what DVDs??
If you mean VideoDVDs, then enable autoplay/autorun.

I have the exact same problem but I have a samsung sh-s183a. It wont read ANY dvd’s of any kind games/movie/blank media, but it will still read and write on cd’s. No explanation for it yet, mine is still under warranty so ive contacted samsung. Id check to see if yours still is, unless youve fixed it?

Your drive is dead! RMA it.