Driver, Win2K & SafeDisc



This isn’t really a Burn question, but it does deal with SafeDisc. I saw Driver at my local Staples the other day for $5, so I picked it up.

The problem is that it keeps telling me to insert the correct disc whenever i run the program as a user. Everything works great under the Admin account. Has anyone else seen this problem?

Here’s the relevant info:

OS: Win2K, SP2
Game: Driver
CD Drive: Pioneer 10 DVD-ROM & Plextor 12/10/32a

I’m not sure which flavor of SafeDisc is used on Driver.

Has anyone had this experience with Driver, or a different game?



You may have to have admin rights to install it and it might be playable under differents accounts, make a domain admin or power user account and see if you can play it then. And I assume that u have the cd in when looged as a user, hmm pondering…


I installed the game as an admin, but it wouldn’t work on any user accounts.

Yes, the CD was in the drive.

My solution was to crack the EXE, so that safedisc was averted. This is more of a workaround, than a solution…

It seems to be working fine…