Driver updaters

Hey guys, just joined up :slight_smile: do have a query and hoping someone can help, Driver Updaters, what would be the best one to get? I’ve heard mixed results on Version Tracker and don’t know much about any others. Can someone give me some advice please. Thanks heaps :smiley:

Welcome to the forums! Glad to have you here.

Actually, I’ve sworn off driver updating software. I’d rather have a known-good driver installed until it becomes apparent that I need a new one rather than updating every time a new driver is available. Guess I’m getting old. I’m starting to value reliability over cutting edge performance.

Sorry. Maybe other members will give you some better advice.

Thanks for the advice, my scan has mentioned that approx. 4 drivers could be corrupted, i don’t really notice any difference in performance but i think i’ll try and track down the complete driver to replace those, once again thanks for the reply…:smiley:

Once you know your basic hardware information, you can just go to the manufacturers website and get the latest drivers.

I don’t know what “scan” you are referring to but “approx” and “could be” are not good indications to start changing things.