Driver unable to recognize cd

I have a problem with my driver.When I change the cd inserted,the OS doesn’t notice the change and still reads the previous cd.I have updated the aspi dirver to version 4.71 (I have Winxp sp2) and then back to version 4.6,but nothing changed.I have only installed Alcohol 120%.

What value is UpdateMode set to at the below location in the registry?


Mine is set to 1 and all is ok. This is just a stab in the dark though.

Mine too.But it’s not okay

My drive does the same thing but its no issue, is it givivng you problems that you can’t get your movie or game to play?

try pressing f5 @ my computer.

f5 got no results.The problem is that I have to restart the pc when i change cd if I want it to be read.

Found this and this and this.
Hope one of them helps ya out.

Thank you.I’ll try it.

None of them works…

i dont understand what you mean by “for it to be read”. does that mean that it wont show up under my computer - or that the cd cannot be read at ALL, even when double clicked?

Both of them.Only Alcohol can read the new cd,but keeps the previous cd name