Driver problems now

i have an old Visioneer One Touch 5600 USB scanner…(yeah i know its old as dirt) but i can’t find my software that came with it…and when i go get drivers…i keep getting this error…

Appl otconn.exe
Mod Name mfc42.dll
ModVer 6.068665.0
Offset 00005bac

Have you tried to do a windows update? When I did it just after a fresh installation the win update installed also a lot of drivers (also the video card driver was available :eek: )

i have done that…but still it won’t load those drivers when i go to install them…it doesn’t finish and gives me that error message :frowning:

Did you try these?


:iagree: :a

Your error seems to revolve around the [B]mfc42.dll[/B] module.
This module resides in the C:\Windows\System32 folder.
mfc42.dll is the module that contains the Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) functions used by applications created in Microsoft Visual Studio.

I would suggest three things.
The first would be to run SFC (System File Checker). This will require the Windows XP installation CD.

Start…Run…Type [B]sfc /scannow[/B].
You will be prompted to insert the Windows XP CD.

Secondly, try registering [B]mfc42.dll[/B].
Windows XP:
Start…Run…Type [B]regsvr32 \windows\system32\MFC42.DLL[/B]

Please note that there is a SPACE after “regsvr32” and before the rest of the command.
You should see a message saying "DllRegisterServer … succeeded.

The final option is to download a new version of the file and replace the existing version. Rename the original file to something like MFC42.DLL.old before copying the new file to the folder.

Good luck.

Do a Google search on mfc42.dll I think you’ll find it is shared by many different programs, and some overwrite it in their installation. You may be trying to install an older version with these drivers, or have another problem with the one in the c:\Windows\system32 folder. Doesn’t sound like fun in any case.

Might have to do some research at the microsoft site.

Edit: Or follow Nemesys’s lead. He seems to have a better handle on the situation

What type of error message ???