Driver nightmare!



okay… here’s the problem… my computer was stolen recently… i got it back, but they’ve done something to it and it’s behaving differently. well, at first it was constantly freezing and being generally slow and annoying, so i decided to just wipe the hard drive and start over (my files weren’t on there anyway). anyways, i don’t know what they’ve put in my computer, but when i looked inside, it looks different… for starters, i have a bigger hard drive… i had an 80GB now i have a 120GB… i’m not complaining about that, but when i reinstalled windows, finding sound drivers has been a nightmare. what do i do?


What kind of computer are you talking about? Is this a desktop or a laptop?

Is this made by an OEM, like Dell, or HP, or a similar large firm, or is it a home-built system? If it is an OEM, please give us the make and model number. If it is home built, we’ll need the motherboard manufacturer and model number.

Also, which operating system are you using? You said windows, but is this a version of XP or Vista?


What drivers are available on the disc that came with the motherboard?