Driver needed!

I have a very big problem. I recently took a Samsung CD-RW/DVD Drive Model # SM-308 ver.B from my old computer and put it in my new one. The problem is: I cannot find a driver to install it anywhere. I have tried all the site I could , and even went to the mother company and all I can find are updates for that model.
Can anyone out there PLEASE find me a workable driver so that I may install it?

A driver? For what particular Operating System?

googles your friend use it :smiley:

do you even need a driver? i was under the impression that windows (if that’s what you’re using…you never specified) automatically detected and installed generic microsoft drivers for optical devices and these were actually preferable to the device specific drivers because they’re less likely to cause conflicts.

someone hit me over the head if I’m way off base here…

sometimes usually when you get a new dvd drive they have a disc for you or you either have to find it. its not a plug and play kind of thing

i’ve never had to install a driver for any optical device i’ve installed on 3 different computers. although all have had windows XP so maybe it’s specific to XP?

either way, the original poster didn’t really provide enough information so hopefully they ended up finding what they were looking for.

That’s normally just software to use with the drive, not a driver. I’ve never installed a driver for an optical drive in Windows as long as I can remember.

Yes it is.

You don’t need a driver for an internal drive. Full stop.

Unless it’s a DVD-RAM…