Driver Missing



I have a DVD-RW drive (External USB connection) by LaCie. looking at the properties it shows up as an NEC drive.


My issue is that i no longer have the driver disc for this drive, and windows continues to plug-n-play it as a cd drive. It will read DVDs, but not play movies, and it will not burn DVDs.
Does anyone have this driver, or know somewhere i might find it? I have already checked LaCie and NEC for it and come up empty.


You should not need a driver to do that.

What software are you using to play movies? You need something like PowerDVD, WinDVD or Windows Media Player [provided you have installed a 3rd party MPEG2 codec].

What are you using to burn DVD’s? Nero? [which I prefer] Roxio?

Please provide more information.


thats the issue. I installed norton a while back, and recently recovered from a viral attack on my system. However it seems to have fouled my Nero registry entry, as now (after uninstallinga nd reinstalling twice) that my trial period has ended. I registered last year BEFORe my trial ended.

i want to do an OS reinstall, but windoze does not have a native DVD driver, so it will not burn DVDs, so that I can remove my files

I have just begun working around this by using DeepBurner, so I am getting my files off.

As for playing DVDs I tried realplayer and WinMedia player, but im short on bucks to be buying new software for it.


“VideoLAN Media Player” and “Media Player Classic” (also part of “XP Codec Pack” if you want to play other formats) are two free alternatives. Google and you’ll find’em.


Danke shoen indeed friend.