Driver Help MEMOREX 32023282 D2 Internal 16x DL

I recently purchased a MEMOREX 32023282 D2 Internal 16x Dual Layer DVD-RW Drive and hve lost the install disk. I changed the drive to a primary from a secondary and Win XP Pro wanta new driver. There is no drive posted at Memorex. Only the firmware and USB Driver for the external model.
Win XP Update does not detect it either. The drive is available in hardware but has no driver.

Any one got this drive who could just post the driver or email it to me…?
I don’t need the software just the driver.

No drivers are needed for any CD drives with versions of windows from 95 onwards. It sounds like your IDE drivers are messed up and something is making windows detect the drive as something other than a standard CD drive.

I would suggest trying to use standard Microsoft IDE drivers for the IDE channels (either roll back or uninstall any motherboard IDE specific drivers you have used).

Thanks… Thatis what I thought and when windows kept asking for a driver I was totally confused.
I totally removed the both my cd drives and rebooted - reinstalled them - rebooted and they ae fine now. I guess Windows kind of fixed it. Or it might have been just the cables.
Thanks again.