Driver for Panasonic DMR-EH75V

I’ve connected this to my PC via Fire Wire. My PC keeps looking for a driver and I don’t have one. Can you help me find one? Also I have to Firewire Av/Tuners, can I have them both connected at the same time? Only 1 is recognized. THANKS for the help!

Are you trying to connect the EH75V to your PC using the recorders DV Link? If so the DV Link is an input only and for a camcorder. True it is FireWire but not to connect to a PC.

I agree with CCRomeo, I’m afraid to tell you. Most set-top DVD recorders, including those from Panasonic, can only output video through the analog outs. They cannot output video digitally. And the FireWire jack is input only; no output at all whatsoever is possible through that jack.