Driver for ND 2500a

I just bought an OEM version of the ND 2500a. It came with a packing slip, no software. I have looked at several websites (NEC and HP and and have not found any drivers. I have also searched this forum, no luck. I am running Windows XP Professional. Just use the drivers in Windows XP?

Can anyone help?


If it of any help to you my system running windows 2000 the nec uses the following drivers: -

These are the standard drivers for the system. no others are needed.
Hope this is of assistance

Tabriz :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help, I will look into it!

Hey man, welcome to the land of the 2500a!
Windows Xp detects the drive right up; I have XP Home and also bought the OEM drive (from NewEgg; realized I didn’t indeed need the pretty box, etc though it is “assuring” to get drivers/software etc…but a drive like this is detected and set up by XP with standard drivers…no problem…not sure that there are any “drivers” for the NEC…

either way, it works real smooth; just install correctly and Xp does the rest!

I do not understand why you need drivers ?? there is no such thing driver for dvd under XP. XP use the controller drivers from the motherboard manfuctures to identify the hard disks and CD/DVD. What you need may be a Burning Software and Make DVD Software. You can buy it or get cracker version Like Nero and MyDVD from SONIC.