Driver for ND-2500A



If someone out there can help me, that would be great. I recently changed jobs and moved my external ND-2500A burner. This new computer does not recognise that there is a external burner. When I go to the devise manager, it shows that there is a extarnal burner but the status shows that there is no drivers. I have searched the net and cannot seem to find it. Can someone advise where I can get one. NEC Australia does not want to know about it because it do not deal with such products here. Please help. Also thanks in advance is someone can help. If providing instructions, please understand that I am not technical.


What make is the external case?
What chipset is inside?


Where do I find the information for your two questions. I cannot see a brand for the external case.


For the chipset open the enclosure and look at the chips.


What operating system does it have? Are the USB drivers properly installed?


I know I sound dumb, but I have unscrewed and I am still not really sure what I am supposed to be looking at. Under the external case, the model is CD-509-U2. Inside the casing, I am not sure what a chipset is and where the number is located. Sorry to sound so dumb. Any advise would help. Thanks.


Operating system is XP. This is a new computer and I can only assume that the most other things for this computer is installed properly. Also I have other devises attached to this computer and they seem to work.


If there is a driver necessary, contact the manufacturer of that enclosure.


On Windows XP you don’t need to install a driver, it should recognize it when you plug it on any USB port.