Driver for liteon dvd rw ldw 851s



I am a newbie and need some help. Some how I lost my dvd drivers in my windows xp. Neither driver could read anything. I brought it to best buy where I bought it and they told me that I could download these drivers off the internet. I have a samsung dvd rom sd 616e that i got back. That works fine, but I have been serching on the internet for a liteon dvd rw Ldw 851s driver and I cant find one any where. Can anyone help me find this driver or is there another driver that will work with my Ldw 851s. thanks


@ darkwitch
I am not sure what you mean by ‘driver’. Windows XP should have any ‘driver’ you need. Do you mean windows no longer recognizes your burner in Windows Explorer? If that is the case, go to 'start>settings>control panel>sytem>hardware>device manager. Click on the ‘+’ sign next to ‘IDE ATA/ATAPI Controller’ and right-click on the first entry of the exposed tree, it should be similar to ‘…Ultra ATA Storage Controller’. Select ‘uninstall’ from the drop-down menu. Reboot and windows will redetect your drives.

If that is NOT what you meant by ‘driver’, could you please be more specific about what your drive can and cannot do. A quick look at the FAQs and the Please read before posting in this forum! may be of some help.