Driver for Lite-on SH-16A7S05C?

Hi does anyone know where I can get the driver for Lite-on SH-16A7S05C? I have tried the official site but no joy there. Cheers

Optical Disk Drives don’t require special drivers, they work with the Microsoft driver included in Windows. If you mean firmware, there isn’t any yet (because it’s a new drive model). Your PC’s mainboard/chipset does require (SATA) drivers to work with your burner however. Here you probably have a choice between the Microsoft drivers included in Windows and custom drivers as provided by the chipset manufacturer.

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Thanks found out the problem something wrong with XP. Thanks again

I have the issue where my computer is registering the writer as a plain cd-rom drive. I have updated the sata devices on my computer, and the issue remains the same. Am I doing something wrong? I can’t get the thing to do anything right.

I am having an issue with the drive not registering as a burner. It registers as just a plain cd rom drive. I need help getting my computer to recognize it as a burner.