Driver for CD-RW/DVD-ROM (eMachine W2888)

[qanda]This thread is about the Hitachi DV DS163E. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]My product wasn’t on the drop-down. I was recently given an eMachine. Model W2888. If it wasn’t trashed, it would be a nice little machine. The PSU burned up, soot told me that after I found it wouldn’t power up. The CPU is also fried, which I am assuming, in turn fried the MoBo. So I am in the process of removing all the peripheals for installation in my Dell.

My question is two fold: I need the drivers for the Hitachi GCC-4481B CD-RW/DVD-ROM combo. I also need to get the front bezel off the unit itself so it will fit nicely in my Dell. I did a search for this driver and did download one from driverguide, but it said that drivers was for XP, which is what this eMachine is using. My OS is 2000Pro on my Dell and I wouldn’t want to install this and find out I need to do the search again.

Can anyone help me?? TIA


Install the drive. It should have drivers included in the operating system. The generic Windows drivers work best anyway.

Just make sure you set the master/slave jumper on the back of the drive correctly.