Driver doesn't recognize disks

Howdy =]

First of all. i’m sorry i didn’t try the troubleshooting tips thread. It’s just that i’m not much of a technical person and actually have no idea what’s written there.
So, my problem:
I got NEC’s ND 3550A CD/DVD driver and it’s giving me some trouble. It doesn’t seem to recognize any of the DVD’s in it. Instead he recognize them as blank DVD’s. Note that i don’t have this problem with normal CD’s. When i do insert an empty DVD disk, i can’t burn burn anything onto it (Nero get’s to 3%-8% and then just stops).
Like I said, i’m not much of a technical person and I don’t understand half of the stuff in the troubleshoot thread. So if you graciously decide to help, I’ll probably need you to guide me step by step :o

Sorry for the trouble,