Driver Detective

I’m just wondering a couple of things about Driver Detective which I was linked to from this site

  1. does it work?

  2. is it supposed to put my computer into standby mode? I let this happen cos I thought it might need to do that while scanning . Actually I turned it off the first time it did this cos I thought something had gone wrong but it seems to do that every time. Do I have it misconfigured?

3)at some point before this it was saying that it could not link to the internet, or its site on the internet. I had other sites open so found this strange. I’m using Mozilla Firefox, can’t see a way that it would need a different internet connection & even so I have internet explorer set up but prefer Firefox. am I missing something?

Thanks for any advice you can offer.

Did you buy it?

No, I thought it was a free download.
Will take another look at the site.

Well forget about it then. You can get your own drivers, and remember if things are working well there is no reason to jump on every driver update that’s released.