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it was great made backups of everthing 6.4 GB:)

:slight_smile: Awsom tool. They keep up to date and keep my CDROM and my CDROMS from wearing out. A great disk burner as it burnes almost all formats. I personally buy my games but I dont like having to wait for exsesivly long load times when I can put them on my hard drive as an image.

I’ve been burning games and using its virtual drive option and it works GREAT!!!:):stuck_out_tongue: I used to have and old hp burner and other software would just fail to burn my stuff (like nero), but alcohol 120% burned it all, bypassing safedisc 3 was easily done! GOOD WORK ALCOHOL SOFT.:wink:

The good: Very good at backing up media, emulation, etc/ The bad: Alcohol 120% calls home. Uniquely identifiable information is sent to Alcohol-Soft. Internet connection is “required” (by method dictated by Alcohol-Soft) to initially use the prduct. I would not recommend the purchase of Alcohol 120%; its utility is exceeded by the security problem of its calling home.

@Ascii2 There is no security problem, the actiavtion simply checks your serial number against the database to activate the software, no different to Microsoft activation, some people sure do have a bee in their bonnet concerning software online activation.

hello guys,all i need is the activation code of alcohol 120 burning software i purchased the cd and lost the activation code please i need it urgently for a job an u please email it to me

Yeah right, dork. Duh, I’ll lend you mine! As long as it’s for work, then it’s ok. How can you “lose” a serial key? Did the cd case fairy visit?

Very good media. LGs are able to write them at 20x. Contrast of Lightscribe label is a little bit less than others (Philips’ medias e.g.)

Thirty disc cakebox of MCC004 LightScribe made in Taiwan. Burns 18x w/USB, 16x w/Firewire on LaCie LightScribe. Thick discs, no coasters on PowerBook w/Energy Saver off, ice packs. Contrast of LightScribe better with type only, run twice. Ideal creating many copies for relatives. I use black, paper envelopes w/cellophane windows to protect from light. Archive on MCC001 DL w/o lightscribe.

please software

Whilst I’ve been into computers since the early eighties, I’m new to “backing-up” games, mainly cos i don’t usually have time to play the damn things. So, I’ve got my hands on Clone CD, Game Jackal and Alcohol 120. ( by the way Ascii2 - you can stop Alcohol from phoning home and it still works just fine ) To save me hours and hours of testing - is there any clear winner ? I’d certainly appreciate any advice on which of them is worth buying. Although my personal preference would be a Slysoft product - mainly cos I’ve been using Clone DVD without any problems, for a long time now. Yes, believe it or not, I will actually buy certain “worthy” software, even though I already have working serials, cracks and patches for all 3 products. Think about it - if none of us bought any of their software - Slysoft and Alcohol would soon be ought of business and then what ! Thanks.

Alcohol 120% is great with the virtual drives but another point is it’s Eraser it can restore RW discs.It does what it says it can.