Drive wont recognize

I was trying to flash my firmware to GSOF from GSOH beacuse H would not work for me, but in doing so both of my drives will not recognize and i cant enable them. Don’t really know what to do about this. My ldw-851s and a liteon 24xcd burner both are not seen by windows. Any help would be greatly appriciated.


Try disconnect each drive in turn and rebooting the system. See if either of the drives can be detected when it is connected on it’s own.

If you have a nforce2 motherboard and you installed the nforce ide drivers and have aspi installed then you wont be able to see your burners with the liteon flash firmware and the drives sometimes disappears.Uninstalling the aspi or going to ms ide drivers will fix that problem if thats the cause.

I just uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers and it worked, i do have to revert back to GSOC firmware its thge only one that works with my drive.

Dont use mktflash and you wont have the problem.

I usually flash it with an .exe flash file, have not really used mtkflash. Any other ideas about firmware, Im using an omnipatched GSOC.

Have you tried GSC2, now known as “US0N - special…” for _51S. Follow the link in my signature to the firmware page and look under the 851S heading.