Drive Won't Recognize Media Anymore!

I have posted before in the wrong spot,hope i’m in the right spot now!!!My problem started a few weeks ago and I can’t find the solution…Whenever I try to burn or read a dvd in either of my two burners, it will not recognize the dvd and just sits there waiting for dvd to be inserted.I can hear the drive spinning but nothing becomes of it.The only way to get the drives going again is to unistall the drive in my ‘device manager’ and then click ‘scan for hardware changes’ so that the device or drivers get re-installed…I have been using the same media for years,so it is not a media issue…I have also updated my lg drive’s firmware,but still have same problem…also it happens with all 3 burning softwares that I use,even after reinstalls…thanks for any help

Not sure if this will help but check to see if recording is enabled for your drive. My computer - right click on cd drive and under properties - recording - see if the recording box is checked.

I suspect you’ve probably got some kind of software driver interfering with the drive working correctly. Try this : boot into safe mode and see if the drive works properly. If it does, that confirms my suspicion.

Figuring out which bit of software is the culprit is harder. Typical suspects are copy protection defeating software like AnyDVD, things that install virtual drives like daemontools and generally anything that runs in the background and utilises access to your DVD/CD drives in some way. Disable these one by one till you figure out which is the cause of your problems.

Does Nero install virtual drives that may interfere?

I’m having the same problem with an LG GSA H10. Blank media doesn’t show up at all and the drive shows as a CD drive (strangely, if I go into the drive itself, and look at properties, the DVD shows up - it’s not seen by Nero though). Store bought DVD movies and movies I’ve copied myself play fine and the drive shows as a DVD drive. DATA DVD’s I’ve burned myself play OK, but the drive shows up as a CD drive.

I have a feeling that it might be something to do with Nero. During the one month Nero trial period everything worked just fine. The problem only started when I paid for the program a few days ago and an automatic upgrade took place.

I’m using Verbatim media, made in Japan by Mitsubishi

Any ideas?

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I’ve established that the problem is with Nero. I removed the program completely and then burned two data DVDs using DeepBurner without any difficulty whatsoever.

Is anyone else having similar problems with the latest version of Nero?

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