Drive Won't read DVDs

[qanda]This thread is about the Sony AW-G170A / DRU-170C. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]System Specs:
> Sony AW-G170A/DRU-170C (just about 2 years old)
> AMD Sempron 1.4Ghz
>512mb RAM
> MS Windows XP Pro SP3
>Software used for burning: BurnAware Free Edition 1.2.9

Hey all, :slight_smile:

My system has stopped recognising dvds all of a sudden.

Cds of all sorts are however working perfectly.

Even dvd-r containing video files (in a variety of formats) that were burned previously in the same system fail to get read (they used to get read quite well once).

When inserted, Windows recognises dvds as blank cds that need to be burned. :rolleyes:

However, interestingly, only Writex dvd-r are still operating healthily. :cool: (I tried media from Sony, Moser baer and Frontech - thats about all the popular brands available here - but couldn’t get them to work)

[I tried a few burns after the problem started:

Dvd-r gets burned normally … the system lets the newly burned dvd-r display all its contents smoothly … all is well …

Then I do a system restart after taking out the dvd … same burned dvd is inserted again … system recognises it as a blank cd … :eek:

Same thing happens with all media except Writex which happens to work fine even after a restart.]

Taking out the drive to test it in another system is not possible by the way.:frowning:

I was wondering whether this is a hardware or software problem or if its time for me to buy a new drive. :sad:

Can anyone please guide me the right way?
It’d be such a huge help. :flower:

TathD :bigsmile: