Drive wont read DVD movies




Up until very recently my Microstar DVD+RW internal writer worked fine. However, of recent, when I try and play a DVD movie, the drive will not recognise that a disc is actually in it.

It plays CD roms, and I am able to record onto blank dvds using Nero, but when I try and play a DVD movie, the drive just acts like nothing is in it.

I recently installed (and rapidlly un-installed) Nero 7. Straight AFTER I uninstalled it, Power DVD wouldn’t even play a disc, a dialog box came up saying my Nero installation was corrupt and needed re-installing.

Running the Nero Clean Tool fixed this, but now the drive wont acknowledge DVD’s.

Any ideas? Is the laser knackered? When you put a disc in it just starts to spin and then stops after about 3- seconds.


is dma enabled? im not sure but this could solve the problem…


How do I check if that is enabled?


Right click my computer --> properties --> hardware --> device manager --> ide controllers --> advanced settings --> transfer mode, and make sure it says dma if available


Yes, it says ‘DMA if available’ on both IDE channels.


aha… i think i know now… try reinstalling powerdvd, i had the same trouble before but fixed it with an update of powerdvd (well a patch actually, but an official one) chectk their website.


Nope, tried re installing Power DVD and got the patch from the cyberlink website. Still wont work :sad:


best bet is to do a system restore to a time before you installed nero 7 as its possible its screwed up your system.


Wont let me restore to a point. I have tried three seperate dates and each time it reboots saying ‘your computer cannot be restored to ‘x’ date’.

Grrrrrrrrrrrr Nero!


Test the drive in another computer, if possible.


Not possible unfortunately all my friends have got XBox 360’s.


then boot into real DOS using a bootable dos floppydisk, then try to access the dvd with a dvd media into it (it would require cd-rom drivers, mscdex).