Drive wont play comm dvd's anymore

I upgraded to today and all of the sudden I can no longer play any ‘commercial’ dvd in my liteon player. I’ve had this burner for about 2 years now, and it wasn’t until I installed that I have ever had any problems at all.

When I goto my computer, with a dvd in the drive, it always says insert disk. I’ve tried over a dozen now. Anydvd says both drives are empty (1 dvd, 1 cd).

I tried music cd’s and they work.
I tried data cd’s and they work.
I tried backup dvd’s and they even work, ones I made yesterday even.

It is ONLY commercial dvd’s that are no longer recognized.

I’ve cleaned my registry
I’ve upgraded firmware
I’ve uninstalled anydvd and reinstalled, even tried to read a commercial dvd prior to reinstall but same problem now.
I called ms tech support and they’ve never heard of such a thing before. So far out there that they even refunded my $65 for the tech support call.

This is NOT a ‘hacked’ copy of anydvd, it’s the trial vs. from today as my old one ran out.

I could really use some ideas if I have missed something.

PIV 3.0
liteon dvd burner 16x
mce 2k5

You say your old trial ran out on AnyDVD, now you’ll need to purchase the program to use it again legitimately. Otherwise, you’ll get the message time trial expired or something similar.

Welcome to CDFreaks, sorry to hear about your problem, realize that you don’t need AnyDVD to play commercial disc therefore uninstall the AnyDVD completely and try to play the disc if the problem is there then that has nothing to do with AnyDVD or its upgrade and you have to look for other area for troubleshoot. Also notice Trail version of AnyDVD is good for 21 days after that sees to work and you have to place an order to purchase it.

Turns out the dvd drive was going bad.
I bought a new drive and all is well again.

One would have thought that if a drive was going bad it would stop altogether, but that’s not always the case. According to MS tech callback they said that this type of issue happens all the time where a dvd drive will read certain stuff but not others.

Obviously this had nothing to do with anydvd… thnx for input

@ imtiedup,

It seams that Microsoft Tech Support needs to get there lame story straight.

First Microsoft Tech Support says that they have never heard of a problem where a DVD Burner will not recognize DVD Media but will recognize CD Media before.

Then all of a sudden Microsoft Tech Support changes their story says that this type of issue happens all the time where a DVD drive will not recognize certain Media but will recognize other media.

Which one the ever-changing Microsoft Tech Support story is correct?

Best Regards,

it’s seems right to me bjkg…i take it you never called them before (i did about 5 years ago about a similar case i had before i found out about tech forums).